104k BTU/HR Rating

RAC 2222 System = (2) RE-21 60,000 BTU/Hr each side mount Free Blow evaporators, (2) 60,000 BTU/Hr each, RC-20 skirt mount condensers. Installer Note: System requires compressor, compressor-mounting bracket/s, compressor fitting kits, and (2) IK-002 installation kits. System BTU/hr ratings based upon standard industry practices.

NOTE: Very Popular System in Medium Duty Buses!

RAC 2222D System = Same as above with (2) RE-22 Side Mount Ducted Evaporators.

Installers Note: System requires insulated aluminum ductwork available in 8′ sections.

Note: 60,000 BTU/hr RC-20’s can be upgraded to 80,000 BTU/hr RC-22 skirt mounted condensers.