76k BTU/HR Rating

RAC System 1212 = (1) RE10 36,000 BTU/hr Front Evaporator, (1) RE-20 60,000 BTU/hr Rear Evaporator, (1) RC-10 36,000 BTU/hr Skirt Mounted Condenser, (1) RC-20 60,000 BTU/hr Skirt Mounted Condenser. Installer Note: System requires compressor/s, compressor mounting bracket/s, compressor fitting kit/s, and IK-001 and IK-002 installation kits. BTU/hr ratings based upon standard industry practices.

RAC 29212 System = Same system as listed above with Low-Profile RE-29, 30,000 BTU/hr Front Evaporator vs. RE-10.