BH-10 Compact design of the BH-10 offers the flexibility in a bus application where interior headroom, size, weight, and amperage draw are considerations. The BH-10 also works well with multiple units. Mounting locations include front and rear bulkhead.

BH-20 Mounted in the front or rear bulkhead, the BH series combines style and function with minimal cabin intrusion.

RE-10 The compact design of the RE-10/11 offers the flexibility and performance needed in smaller bus applications were size, weight, and amperage draw are considerations. The RE-10/11 matches well in both dual and triple systems such as the RAC-1230 and RAC-12233. Also comes as a ducted unit, RE-12.

RE-20 The RE-20 is RAC’s most popular evaporator unit. This free blow unit can be rear or side mounted. The RE-20 is designed for the medium sized bus or as part of a multiple system for larger applications.

RE-30 Our largest evaporator available. Utilizes split core for enhanced performance and reliability. Designed for larger buses and when there is a need for maximum evaporator capacity.