RC-20 A true medium sized bus condenser. Various system options include the RE-10, 15, and 20. On larger buses, a combination makes for a true dual system. For example, an RAC-2222.

RC-22 Often used in HOT designated climates to improve performance and reduce head pressures over smaller two fan condensers. Reducing amperage draw while maintaining the same btu/hr capacity rating make this an attractive alternative to the competitors standard 3 fan condensers.

RC-30 Mounted in the skirt location, the RC-30 is RAC’s largest condenser and is most often used in HOT climates on larger buses in combination with other condensers. Usually paired with the RE-20, the combination is one of RAC’s most popular systems.

RC-31 Rated Capacity: 90,000 BTU/HR (22,680 Kcal/Hr) 2400CFM A low profile roof top condenser used in hot climates where under body space is a consideration or in colder climates where skirt mounted condensers receive damage from ice and snow.

RC-41 Our largest low profile roof top condenser. Used in HOT climates and on buses where under body space or road dust and debris are a consideration. In cold climates, damage from ice, snow, and salt make roof mounting an attractive alternative to skirt mounting. The RC-41 can drive whole systems such as the RS-46 Ducted, RAC-3341D, or with other evaporator configurations.